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  • MTB Trail Name: Cape Peninsula Wagon Trail Route.

  • MTB Location: Mostly in Table Mountain National Park (TMNP), Western Cape, South Africa
  • GPS: N/A

  • Best Time: Because of our moderate climate most of the year is suitable. During the summer months it starts getting light as early as 5 in the morning so an early start would be advisable to avoid the warmer sun later in the day. We are in a winter rainfall are but most of our winters day are ideal for cycling for the exception when a cold front hits Cape Town.

  • Max Group Size: 10 people

  • Ave Rating:
  • Grade:
  • Distance: +-60Km

  • Duration: 4 – 5 hours

  • Gradient: Total climb +-1300m

  • Altitude: +-600m above sea level.

  • Terrain: About 10km of tar road around Chapman’s Peak and then mostly jeep track with some single track while descending the slopes of the Constantiaberg.

  • Scenery/ Photographic:
  • Wild Life: Caracal, Cape Grysbok a relatively common species but rarely seen as it is very wary and avoids human, Porcupine,The Rock Hyrax, Chacma Baboons,Cape Clawless Otters, Large Spotted Genets, Mongoose and many more. There are also many reptiles in the reserve such as the Cape Dwarf Chameleon, Agama lizards, Cape Cobra’s, Puff Adders

  • Flora: There are over 900 species of fynbos consisting of four major plant groups:

    • Proteas: Large shrubs with broad leaves
    • Erica’s: Heath-like, low growing shrubs
    • Restios: Reed-like plants; are the only group that are found in all fynbos habitats and as such are called
    • Geophytes: Bulbs; these include watsonias and disa’s both of which occur mainly in wetland areas and are prominent after fires
  • Eco Rating: This is a very sensitivity area so there are some basic rules like staying on the legal trails, no littering, no picking of any plants, no feeding the animals and no use of any open flame in non designated areas.

  • Accommodation: Various options – Can be organised on request.

  • Facilities: Being in the mountains most facilities are not available for the exceptions of toilets at two places.

  • First Aid: First aid kit is available.

  • Trail Safety: Most of this route is non technical but with some big climbs meaning big descents which must be ridden with caution. I must single out the descent from the Noordhoek Peaks. This descent is steep with loose stone and gravel, very special care must be taken while descending. IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE GET OFF YOUR BIKE AND WALK. ONE OF THE TEAM LEADERS WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE REAR OF THE GROUP SO YOU WILL NEVER BE ON YOU OWN. NEVER CYCLE ON YOUR OWN OR GET SEPARATED FROM YOUR GROUP AS THERE ARE POTENTIAL CRIMINAL ELEMENTS ON THE MOUNTAIN. The weather in Cape Town and on Table Mountain Range especially, is unpredictable and can change suddenly. There may be a loss of visibility. Keep an eye on these changes and ensure you pack suitable clothing for all conditions

  • Cell Phone Reception: Mostly yes however there are some dead spots.

  • Emergency Numbers:

  • Credit: Shawn Benjamin

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Images of the Cape Peninsula Wagon Trail Mountain Biking Route:

Including some of the wildlife you may see & aerial perspectives of the area.